1865- Plumb Pudding

plum-pudding1865- Plumb Pudding

A traditional English puddling recipe given to me by an older lady in our church. Its a great addition to a Christmas dinner.





1 1/4 lbs. (1 ½ Cups) Raisins
½ lb. (¾ Cups) Dried Currants
1/2 lb. (¾ Cups) Candied Orange Peel
3/4 lbs (3 Cups) Bread Crumbs (make fresh)
3/4 Lb Suet
8 Eggs
¼ Cup Brandy
1 teaspoon Sugar
1 teaspoon Butter



Prepare 3 days beforehand:

Cut the Raisins in half. Mince the Suet. Cut the Candied Orange Peel in thin slices Mix all Raisins, Suet and Orange Peel in a medium sized bowl. Beat the Eggs in a separate bowl and mix with the Brandy. Pour the Egg Mixture into the Dry Mixture.

Butter and sprinkle a layer of sugar in a pudding mold. Press mixture firmly into a mold. (If your mold does not a lid with a handle, you must set the mold in a bag.*. Be sure when you are boiling that the open part of the bag remains out of the pot to use as a handle. Alternatively, some puddings can be made straight in a floured bag, without a mold.) Place the bag in boiling water. Make sure that the tied part of the bag is kept out of the water, some people prefer to attach a loose string from the tied part of the bag to something sturdy in the kitchen such as a cabinet. Continue to boil for 5 or 6 hours.

Once boiled, hang the bag, with a large bowl underneath to catch the juice until the day you will be serving it.

On the day you will be serving it, boil the bag again for 2 hours. Once done, remove from boiling pot and let cool. Once cool flip out the pudding onto an oven safe dish.

Place decoration in the center of the pudding. On Christmas, it is traditionally a sprig of holly.

Ladle a circle of extra Brandy around the pudding. Light the extra Brandy on fire and bring to the table flaming.
* A bag is made out of a square piece of fabric, rubbed on one side with Butter and Flour. The putting is placed in the center and the sides of the fabric are brought into the center and tied tightly with a string.


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