Easy Sunday Salad

I was out od pecans, sorry.

Easy Sunday Salad

Everyone had had those days when you wake up on Sunday morning and panic because there is a potluck after church and you forgot. Well, maybe not everyone, but it has happened to this girl more than once. I feel bad if I just run to the store and by a pie or something. This salad is perfect for these days. Grab a fancy dish as you leave the house, jump out at the store and run in while the husband circles the parking lot, grab some fruit, nuts and coolwhip. Mix that stuff together before Sunday School and throw it in the fridge. If you do it just right, no body is the wiser.


1- 16oz Can Sliced Peaches
3- Bananas Sliced
1- Cup Grapes
1- Cup Sliced Strawberry
1- Cup Chopped Pecan
1- 12oz Cool Whip


Drain Peaches. Mix peaches with strawberries and bananas in large bowl. Stir in Cool Whip (reserve a small amount for garnish). Stir in 3/4 cup of nuts. Cover top with reserve cool whip and sprinkle with remaining nuts. Place in refrigerator and Chill.



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