Never Fail Roast

pepper-roast-beefNever Fail Roast

Roast is always a huge winner at any potluck or family diner. First of all you can cook it the day or to before and reheat it and it is even more scrumptious and secondly if the is leftovers, Bam! roast beef sandwiches. This recipe does not have the veggies but can always add them if you like.




1- 4-5 lb Chuck Roast
1-2 TBSP Salt and Pepper
1-2 TBSP Garlic Salt
1-2 TBSP Season Salt
2-3 TBSP Chili Powder
1- Large Onion or onion soup mix


Heat cooking pan on medium heat. Sprinkle seasoning on both sides of roast. Cook roast in pan until brown. Turn roast and cook till both sides are dark brown. Add a large pitcher of water to cover roast. Add 1/2 onion diced. Bring to boil, cover and reduce heat. Boil slowly for 4 hours. Add additional water as needed till last 30 min. Let Liquid cook down to drippings. Add other half of onion to the top of the roast, for the last 30 min. Cool Roast and place in refrigerator over night. Remove all solid fat from the dripping and heat roast. Add more water if needed. Remove to platter and garnish with gravy. And again I say, leftover roast beef sandwiches. I really love a real roast beef sandwich with a slice of cheese and mayo, just warmed in the microwave. Awesome!!!


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  1. I like the title of the roast!


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