Shoe Peg Salad

shoepegShoe Peg Salad

You may see an abundance of recipes with shoe peg corn in them on this site. It is a huge winner in our neck of the woods. While we love these recipes it is not always easy to find the shoe peg corn in the grocery store. Both the grocery stores in our town have the shoe peg corn on the very top shelf in the can food aisle. This is great if your the jolly green giant, but when your a short sprout like me(5’4″) I have to take a tall person with me or ask for help. Oh yeah! this recipe is great.


1/2- Cup Vinegar
1/2- Cup Cooking Oil
1- Cup Sugar
1- TSP Black Pepper
1- Can English Peas
1- Can Green Beans
1- 10oz Can Shoe Peg Corn
1- Small Jar Chopped Pimentos
1- TSP Salt
2- TBSP Chopped Onion


Mix vinegar, salt, pepper, oil and sugar and bring to a boil, for 1 minute. Drain the remaining ingredients and mix together well. Pour vinegar mix over veggies. Place in the refrigerator over night.


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