Copper Pennies

cooperpenniesCopper Pennies

Some “older” recipes never seem to go out of style, especially around here. Copper pennies is one of those “oldie but goodie” recipes. In layman’s terms that means it has been around a while but still is a popular as ever.  This recipe has been circulating around potlucks so long that we found a recipe card from my great, great grandmother with it on it. Basically, copper pennies are sliced carrots, peppers and onions that are marinated in a sauce, that I can only describe as being a divine intervention situation. If you have never tried these, whip up some for your church or family. The response might surprise you.


2- Cans Sliced Carrots or 2 lbs fresh (peeled and sliced)
1- Sliced Green Pepper
1/2- Cup Salad Oil(I use Olive)
1- Can Tomato Soup
1- Sliced Onions
1- Cup Sugar
3/4- Cup Vinegar
1- TSP Mustard
1- TSP Worcestershire


copperpennies2Slice up carrots, peppers and onions.  The carrots should be about 1/4″ thick. if you use canned, drain the carrots. Heat carrots and drain.




Alternate layers of carrots, green pepper, and onion slices in large bowl or casserole dish.Beat the rest of the ingredients together well.




copper4Pour the liquid over vegetables. Cover the dish. Refrigerate over night to a couple of days. My recipe says 2 days. I have seen some say as little as a few hours. I have not done any less than 2 days, so I cannot testify to that. Copper Pennies are kind of like meatloaf, the longer it sits the better it gets.


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    1. I know. This recipe is really old. I was happy to see they had a sense of humor with their food way back when.


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