Recipe for a Happy Home

Stretch, Me and Jackson Easter 2016

Recipe for a Happy Home

Not exactly something you can make for a potluck. However; if use use this recipe daily I guaranteeĀ that it will fill you and your family with the Spirit. It also makes it a lot easier to cook to a family that is not always at each other’s throats. Is my family perfect? Oh my! Not at all. We make mistakes and get upset or angry from time to time, but having God in our lives give us a joy that no man, woman and child can take away. Understanding that their is no real happiness without God is the first step to making everyone happier.


1- Husband
1- Wife
1- Bible for Each
1- Home
Generous Portions of Prayer
3- Cups Love, firmly Packed
1- Package Work
1- Package Play (together)
1- Cup Patience
1- Cup Understanding
1- Cup Forgiveness
1- Small Paddle
1- Cup Kisses


Mix ingredients and sprinkled with gentleness. Bake in a moderate oven daily, basting daily with prayers, Bible study and christian service.


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