John’s A Hoppin’

Jhoppin-johnohn’s A Hoppin’

John’s a Hoppin’ or Hoppin’ John is a fabulous way to get those black-eyed peas on new years day. This traditional southern dish is basically black eyed, rice and something spicy, that’s what gets you hoppin’. Trying to get Smalls(son) to eat any peas or beans is an almost task. I sometimes will cut up some sausage or wieners, heat them in a skillet and mix them in. Smalls eats it up.


1/2 TSP Pepper Sauce(I use tabasco)
1 TSBP Butter
2 TSBP Chives
1 Cup Coverted Rice
1 Can Black- Eyed Peas
1/4 TSP Ground Red Pepper
1 Cup Chunky Salsa


Bring 2 cups of water to a boil.  Place rice in water and then all all ingredients except salsa. When then rice is done. Mix in the salsa and heat on low for 5 min. This recipe will also freeze or refrigerate well. You can make it a day or two ahead of time and reheat when you are ready to eat.


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