Pappy’s Tater Soup

potPappy’s Tater Soup

There are a whole truck load of potato soup recipes out there. This one was given to me by My Husband’s mom who got it from her or her husband’s dad. It is a super quick, super easy recipe. I am typing this recipe exactly as it was given to me. I never met Pappy, but I am sure he was character I would get along with. This is an awesome recipe when there isn’t much in the pantry and you need to whip something up. You can always fancy this up with bacon bits, shredded cheese and chives; however it is great just as it is.


1- Yellow Onion
6- Potatoes Pealed and Diced
4- TBSP Butter
3- Cup Milk
1/3- TBSP Basil
1/3- TBSP Garlic
1/3- TBSP Rosemary


Saute onion in butter, until you can see through. Throw all that food in a large pot and heat on medium heat. Do not Boil. Serve it up when ready.


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