Everybody has their favorite dressing recipes and they haul them out every year around the holidays. However; you can whip up this dressing anytime for the family or potlucks. Many people smile and thank you for making dressing in months that don’t have Christmas or Thanksgiving in them.


2lbs Country Style Sausage (not Sage)
1 1/2 sticks (12 T) Butter
1 lg Onion, chopped fine
2 ribs Celery, chopped fine
2 tsp. Poultry Seasoning
2 Р14oz packagesPepperidge Farms Herbed Stuffing mix, regular, cubed, or both
5 or 6 cups Chicken Broth


In a large skillet, crumble and brown sausage. Remove from pan and drain on paper towel. Melt butter in skillet, add onions, celery and poultry seasoning. Saute until onions and celery are clear and soft.

In a very large bowl or pan (I use Tupperware bread dough bowl) toss sausage, stuffing mix, and sauteed onions/celery/butter together until thoroughly combined. Stir in 5 cups chicken broth. Let stand 10 minutes.

Grab a small handful of stuffing and gently squeeze it in your hand. If it holds together easily, it is ready. If it falls apart or crumbles, add a bit more stock or water. Stuffing should be moist, but not soggy.

Spoon dressing into a greased 13″x18″ roasting pan and bake at 350 for about an hour, or until top is nicely browned.


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  1. Great to learn how to make sausage dressing!

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