Baptist Punch

baptist-punchBaptist Punch

We call this Baptist punch because we just couldn’t come up with a better one. My family has been using this same recipe for birthday parties for as far back as I can remember. It made appearances at mine, my sister’s, cousins’ and niece’s weddings, all of our baby showers which has been at least 10 and at countless birthdays. The beauty of this punch is its simplicity. With all the hecticness of organizing special days, it is great to know this is something that really can’t go wrong. From over my shoulder my son, Smalls says, “unless you leave the ingredients at home.”You can double or triple as needed.


1 Tub of Sherbet
2- 2 liters Ginger Ale


Dump Sherbet into punch bowl and pour ginger ale our the top 1 liter at a time. Can be pink, green, or orange depending on the color of the sherbet.

My mom making punch for our wedding
Stretch and I at our wedding (he looks so young)

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  1. I love this punch! Ironically, my aunt always made this punch for baby showers, wedding showers, Christmas parties! And guess what!! She was present each time that the front door opened…at First Baptist, Longview TX!!!

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    1. Awesome i was in longview a few weeks ago and i have a niece and her family that live there. I also lived there for a while in my 20s


      1. Oh my! I grew up in Longview and went to college in Nacogdoches! Such a real coincidence! We now live in DFW!

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