Christmas Gauntlet-Busy and Joyful

15400292_10208914584599736_3661640680792668716_nThe last few weeks I haven’t been able to add as many recipes or writes a much about each because Christmas is here. Every year my family has so many things going on from the 1st week in December through Christmas, that I lovingly refer to it as a the Christmas Gauntlet. Stretch was saying that he was kind of stressed. I just smiled and we listened to Christmas Carols for a while and he was ready to go. I love this time of year and my OCD for planning and decorating kicks in and I am as happy as a lark. I had a woman tell me she did not like all my excitement. I kindly told her, “Jesus was excited about you, you should be excited about His birth.” I got the stink eye, but I never stopped smiling and I got even more excited to make up for her. So what have we done the last two weeks.


Dec 8- Stretch’s work Christmas party


Dec 8,9 and 10- Built a Christmas Float that one first place in our Christmas parade for the second year in a row. (not the same float a different one each year.)


Dec 10- Sunday School Party- after Parade


Dec 13- Lady’s Group at church Christmas party and making gift bags for our band, football and cheerleaders for when they went to and won state.


Dec 14- Christmas Caroling at nursing home- Smalls leading the Carols


Dec 16- My Boy’s Christmas party. Three couldn’t come but we had fun anway.


Teaching my boys to cook, kinda


Dec 18- Stretch and I cooked breakfast for our Sunday school class. Christmas Cantata and Candlelight service practice.

Cinnamon and Orange rolls, smokey joes and apple cider. 
Me Second row 1st on the left- stretch middle of back row behind the guy in the suit



What’s next?

Dec 20- Youth Workers Christmas Party

Dec 21- Candlelight Service (I wrote and am directing)

Dec 24- Christmas eve lunch with Stretch’s family Christmas Eve supper with my family.

Dec 25- Christmas Day (Happy Birthday Jesus)



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