Texas Chicken Sandwich

sammiochTexas Chicken Sandwich

These sandwiches are a big hit here at any potluck or bible study. They are amazing on these jalapeno rolls a local restaurant makes and sales. If you can’t find jalapeno rolls: regular dinner rolls, sweet Hawaiian rolls, any sliced bread or hamburger buns will work. These a great little sandwiches to make sliders or 1/4 sandwiches out of. I like to use chicken breast for these; however, to save time I used 3 cans of chunky chicken. This recipe does have a spicy kick. If you think its to much, substitute the rotel for sliced tomatoes.— I wrote this post and had to run to the grocery store and low and behold I found these. I will probably still use “Taste Buds“, our local restaurant, but who knows.kings-hawaiian-buns


Four 1/2″ Thick Chicken Breasts

2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes, crushed

1/2 tsp. Seasoned Salt

1 Cup Water

8 Slices Thick Hickory Bacon, sliced in half and fried until crisp, drain

1 Can Rotel Tomatoes

Leaf Lettuce

1 Pkg Guacamole (prepared)


1 Pkg Jalapeno Rolls or Regular Rolls

1/4 Cup Melted Butter (for rolls)

3 Tbsp. Butter (for chicken breast)



Mix chicken bouillon cubes, seasoned salt, and water. Pour over chicken breast and marinate in the refrigerator for 3 hours. Fry sliced bacon until crisp, drain and set aside. When Chicken has marinated remove from marinate. Brush the inside of the rolls with melted butter. On a electric grill or fry pan on medium heat that has been sprayed with a non stick spray, place rolls. Grill until toasted and golden. Set rolls aside on a serving plate. On medium heat place 3 Tbs. butter on a grill or in a fry pan. Braise chicken breast in melted butter and cook until done. Drain rotel tomatoes and mix them into the guacamole.

To Build The Sandwich:28a6ad8cd434e18dec1ecdcfbcdf3bcd
Spread mayonnaise on the inside of each top and bottom of rolls. On bottom half place chicken breast, bacon, and a small dollop of guacamole. On the top part of bun place a piece of leaf lettuce. If your making slides with regular sized buns, slice them before you build the sandwich.

These go great with Sweet potato fries



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    Looks and sounds delicious!

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