Yellow Squash Casserole

yellow-squash-casserolYellow Squash Casserole

I love this casserole recipe because it was how I got Smalls to eat squash for the first time. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome(high functioning Autism) and getting him to try new foods is next to impossible. If the food is decorated funny or has a funny name he might try it. With this recipe, I spooned some on his plate sliced up a weenie to look like an octopus and set it on top. He still talks about “Octoweenie” and that was probably 5 years ago. The point is, he ate┬áthe island under the octoweenie and still asked for it on occasion.


5 – 6 medium yellow squash sliced (unpeeled) to 1/4 in thickness

1 large onion, sliced, and separated

1 can whole Rotel tomatoes, chopped

2 Tablespoons yellow mustard

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

salt to individual taste, or omit entirely

3 Tablespoons butter, sliced


Layer the squash and onions. Dollop the mustard, on top and add the chopped Rotel tomatoes, black pepper, salt, and the butter. Repeat layers until dish is full. Bake in 350 degree, preheated oven, for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until the squash and onions, are tender to your individual taste.


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