Candy Rocks

15578467_10208917393949968_8458000428038003993_nCandy Rocks

These are super easy candies that can be made in minutes. They look a bit like rocks but they are delicious. The flavor reminds me of coco pebbles. My boys made some of these at our Christmas party. While we were making these, the boys where making comments like “this is weird.” and “Pringles in chocolate?” After they were done. Everyone was chowing down and enjoying them. The pics are a double batch.


1/2- PKG Microwavable White Bark Candy Coating
1- Tube Pringles(original)
1- PKG Red Skin Peanuts


Melt the white bark candy coating in a crock pot, on high till candy melts. Crush pringles in the tube. Add peanuts and pringles to the bark. Put on cookie sheets lined with wax paper in small amounts. Cool in refrigerator for 10- minutes.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jim says:

    Looks weird but good.


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